Objective Current Affairs

Q. If some people wish to start a banking company in India, they certainly need a permission of the
1 Indian Banks' Association
2 Ministry of Finance
3 Banking Ombudsman
4 Reserve Bank of India
Ans: 4
Q. As per the reports published by the Government of India, what is the approximate percentage of the people in rural India who hold a bank account?
1 10%
2 20%
3 25%
4 15%
Ans: 4
Q. Many times, we read a term `ISO'. What is the full form of the same?
1 Insurance & Social Obligations
2 International Space Organisation
3 Integrated Security Organisation
4 International Standards Organisation
Ans: 4
Q. Which of the following countries has decided to use the revenue collected from newly discovered oil field to make a Special Sovereign Fund?
1 Iraq
2 Russia
3 Iran
4 Indonesia
Ans: 1
Q. Which of the following has written the book "Between the Lines"?
1 V. S. Naipaul
2 Prem Bhatia
3 Kuldeep Nayyar
4 C. Rangarajan
Ans: 3
Q. The Word Population Day is observed on
1 10th July
2 11th July
3 10th August
4 11th August
Ans: 2
Q. "Navratna Status" is awarded to which of the following organizations/ units?
1 Those IITs/IIMs who are doing good research work
2 Defence production units/factories who are showing good profits
3 Any public sector manufacturing unit doing well and earning good profits
4 A public sector bank rated very hing by the RBI in the area of customer service and recovery of NPAs
Ans: 3
Q. Twang I and Twang II, two big hydropower projects are being developed in the state of
1 Assam
2 Meghalaya
3 Tripura
4 Arunachal Prades
Ans: 4
Q. Who amongst the following is not a member of the Council of Ministers headed by Dr. Manmohan Singh?
1 Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh
2 Mr. Kamal Nath
3 Ms. Ambika Soni
4 Mr. Rahul Gandhi
Ans: 4
Q. As we all know, emission of certain gases is responsible for the level of Global Warming. Which of the following gases makes, maximum contribution in the same?
1 Ammonia
2 Oxygen
3 Carbon Dioxide
4 Nitrogen
Ans: 3
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